Monday, November 13, 2006


Cyclacel - which has a CDK inhibitor in P2 - also revealed that their Aurora inhibitor is near IND (CYC116). What's interesting, though, is that in this article ( Cyclacel reveals (I think for the first time) that CYC116 not only inhibits Aurora, but also VEGFR2. This could be a case of limited selectivity being spun as a positive, but if CYC116 is selective for just Aurora and VEGFR2, you'd have an anti-angiogenic cell cycle inhibitor, which would be very interesting, if effective.

Note, Cyclacel also said CYC116 was just about to IND this time last year, and while CYCC has ~$60M in cash on hand, the company's market value is only ~$90M

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TotallyMedicinal said...

I don't think this is a rarity, Cyclacel are just the first to say it out loud. I actually wrote a research proposal based on designing dual Aurora-VEGF inhibitors about six months ago as. Didn't fly.

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