Thursday, November 09, 2006

BI touts new multi-TK inhibitors

BI takes the wraps off 3 programs:
BIBF-1120 - targeting VEGFR, FGFR, and PDGFR
BIBW-2992 - targeting EGFR and Her-2
BI-2536 - targeting Plk-1

What I found interesting about the announcement:

-BI comes VERY close to saying that all 3 are in Phase II trials. But not quite. It really looks (after a database search) like only BIBF-1120 is actually in phase II.
-BIBF-1120 does not appear to also target Kit or (likely) Flt-3, which multi-TK inhibitors often do. This might be by design, or just something that BI isn't willing to disclose.
-This is the first Plk-1 compound in clinical development (that I'm aware of).
-No Src inhibitors under development - is that due to lack of interest, or discovery success?
-it is now stacking up that every serious pharma has (at least) two anti-angiogenic multi-TK compounds in development. Typically, one targets VEGFR (and associated receptors (most frequently PDGFR)), and the other targets EGFR.

BI is firmly in the race!

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