Monday, November 06, 2006

AMG 706 news

First disclosure of P2 results from Amgen's small molecule multi-TK inhibitor, targeting all VEFRs, PDGF, and Kit. Interesting to see that the first indication is (was?) Gleevec-resistant GIST., so it would seem that the Kit targeting is the first (best?) application.

Other interesting details:
-daily dosing, so little tox worries.
-125mg dose - seems large, indicating reduced potency?
-still only about a third of all patients demonstrated a clinical response.
-pretty high rate of adverse reactions (nausea, hypertensions,etc.) affecting it would seem nearly all participants.
-explicit mention of further inications/trials (NSCLC and breat, in particular) and monotherapy targeting of medullary thyroid cancer, which has no effective treatment.

IN all, AMG 706 sounds like a very competitive product.

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