Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interesting reads

PWC: 7 health care trends for 2007.

"Forty-two blockbuster drugs will lose their patents in 2007." - Wow, I didn't realize it was that many.

Biotech industry thoughts from Gary Pisano as he plugs his very excellent new book.

Science Business: What Happened to Biotech?

Speaking about the fundamental business flaws of the biotech industry: "biotech suffered from a basic mismatch between the objectives and requirements of science and those of business. Specifically, Pisano argues, the business side of the industry was continually challenged by three characteristics of science: profound and persistent uncertainty, the complex and heterogeneous nature of the scientific knowledge base, and the rapid pace of scientific progress. "The health of the sector depends on how well it can cope with all three of these challenges," writes Pisano."

Making Biotech Work as a Business:

"R&D lead times—the time from clinical development to trials—increased from slightly less than thirty months in 1989 to around seventy months in 2002."

Update: Milkshake chips in his related thoughts here.

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milkshake said...

I just wrote some personal obsevations on problems in biotech management but it wouldn't fit here so I put it on my page. It is mostly concerned with evils of popular management as practiced by business suits in the industry. (I think it's an absolutely brilliant analysis, if I may say so.)