Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Top 100 2006 Publications

The Kinase Research Portal has compiled what they consider the 100 best/most popular articles of the last year. The list (via the linked header for this post) is could be used as means of taking the pulse of kinase research.

-gene target interest is very broad. I counted at least 25 different gene targets as article themes.

-well-understood targets draw the most attention: Bcr-Abl and EGFR papers were the theme of at least 12 of the 100 papers.

-the most popular article subject without a drug yet developed: PI-3 (6 articles)

-the most popular article: Dario Alessi's seminal LKB1 article.

-surprising attention: DAPK (though with only 3 articles, one shouldn't read too much into this.)

-notable for it's absence: RAF (only article #100), popular RTK targets VEGFR and PDGFR. Also, I think there was only one Aurora-themed article, and little attention to cell cycle kinases in general.

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