Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BoA likes Array

Based on expected clinical progress of ARRY-543 driving partnering success...

'543 is a combo EGFR + ErbB2 small molecule inhibitor in a Phase 1 started a year ago, so data is due soon, but I think it's premature to boost this stock until ARRY publishes results. (Which I'm guessing pharma is waiting on as well.)

If effective, '543 would be a blockbuster, unless you're in the crowd that believes that medicine will demand single-target inhibitors to provide the most custom tailored treatment (versus multi-kinase inhibitors with potentially negative ON-target effects), but this debate is really a few years off.

ARRY is valued ~$510M, with about $100M in cash on hand.

Quick, back of the envelope calculations suggest ARRY's pipeline is worth the $410M difference.
Interestingly, ARRY's value didn't really change following DNA's partnering with EXEL on XL-518 (MEK) (deal: $40M @ IND, suggesting ARRY's product - now in phase II for melanoma - is probably two years ahead and worth an additional ~$100M, depending on a number of factors. I would have guessed that the endorsement and imputed value from the DNA deal would have goosed the stock $25-50M or 5-10%.

ARRY's most recent corporate summary.

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