Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pop. media: cancer drugs lead to sea change in pharma

Investment oriented article with a few chestnuts:

"For the first time ever, sales of oncology (cancer) drugs in 2006 will outstrip sales of the anti-cholesterol drugs that have been the industry's best sellers, according to market researcher IMS Health. In 2007, sales of cancer drugs will grow nearly three times as fast as drug sales overall, while sales of anti-cholesterol drugs will creep ahead by just 1% to 2% in 2007. That's a drop from projected growth rates of 6% to 7% for anti-cholesterol drugs in 2006."

"As the world ages, more and more people are surviving the diseases that once killed them before they had a chance to develop cancer. So as the world ages, cancer is a bigger problem for more and more of the world's population.

But this market wouldn't be growing so fast if it weren't for another huge change: More and more anti-cancer treatments work. Survival rates have improved so much that some cancers can be considered treatable chronic diseases, and others are on track for treatment as preventable conditions. All this will lead to 20% growth in the oncology drug market in 2007. Remember that the drug market as a whole is projected by IMS Health to grow by just 5% to 6% in 2007 and the anti-cholesterol market by 1% to 2%."

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