Thursday, March 08, 2007

Congrats to Sunesis....

....who entered Phase I with SNS-032, a multi-CDK (2, 7, & 9) inhibitor for blood cancers.

The other prominent CDK inhibitors in development are from Cyclacel, who does not appear to have publicly identified which CDKs are are in their sights. (AZ also has a CDK4 program.)

The concern with targeting CDKs is that they are so fundamental to cell function that any therapy needs to be very, very well targeted, with above average biological knowledge to compensate for off-target effects.

Not to mention the fact that as nuclear proteins, delivery for a-CDK compounds is much more complex than say targeting RTKs.

Perhaps success by Sunesis or Cyclacel will increase interest in CDKs as targets.

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Ashutosh said...

Hi Xcovery, is there any way I can look at the structure of these molecules? Reference?