Sunday, March 04, 2007

Biotech Dates to Remember

Adam Feurerstein at has published an excellent summary of expected drug approval and clinical development news.

kinase drugs with key dates in 2007
-label expansions for DNA (Avastin (breast) and Herceptin), IMCL (Erbitux for colon, lung, head/neck, pancreatic.)

kinase compounds in trials with key dates in 2007
-GSK's Tykerb (FDA approval decision in just 2 weeks)
-Wyeth Torisel (FDA approval decision in jless than a month)
-Ariad's mTor phase II data
-Phase II data on 4 EXEL compounds (XL647,784,880, and 999). (Should be a big year for EXEL.)

Not appearing on Feurerstein's calendar: FDA approval for Lilly's Arxxant, NVS' Tasigna, and perhaps the AZ's Zactima and NVS/Bayer PTK/ZK. I'd also expect to see the results of label expansion studies for Sutent, Nexavar, and Tarceva.

The link above goes to Feurerstein's article. Here's a Link to calendar

While you're there, check out Adam's columns. He's accurate, timely, and insightful, and definitely "gets it."

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