Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nexavar a dud in melanoma

Best article summarizing the disappointing news that Nexavar did not meaningfully outperform the current standard of care for melanoma. Not sure if this is company spin, or not, but per the article, ONXX is locking in on anti-angiogenic uses of Nexavar, which could be a sign that Nexavar's RAF efficacy is dubious.

Other interesting item from the article: 10% of Nexavar use is off-label.

btw: I'll be out of town for a week starting tomorrow, so no posts likely in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

...Nexavar's RAF efficacy is dubious....

and bing-o was his name-o

TotallyMedicinal said...

is that b-RAF or c-RAF (or any other raf for that matter). As i understand it only B-raf has been implicated in melanoma. I may well be wrong, often have been before now :-).